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Residential Programs

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A Mind Above

At A Mind Above, they seek innovative solutions. They combine traditional and emerging therapies. And they tailor therapy to clients' needs, so they can achieve a fulfilling and peaceful life.


United Health Centers

UHC is a premier health care provider dedicated to their clients' lifetime wellness.

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Rapha Christian Counseling Center

Rapha CCC is a non-profit organization that helps people to understand their weaknesses and learn how to turn them into their strengths. 

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EBT Benefits Application

Help each client to apply for EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer).


West Care Callifornia

WestCare is predicated on meeting the need or filling the gap where real people need real help, treating substance use and mental health disorders, to shelters providing services to those with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and homelessness, to programs within the criminal justice system, to programs interfacing with and/or incorporating primary care services.



First Steps Recovery

First Steps Recovery is a luxury residential drug and alcohol treatment program in Clovis and Fresno, CA (Fresno County), specializing in providing quality and compassion for every aspect of addiction treatment.

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My Time Recovery

My Time Recovery is dedicated to facilitating every level of recovery, assessing and designing a unique treatment program that will serve long-term sobriety. 


(MHS) - Fresno First CalWORKs program 

Fresno First CalWORKs program offers gender-responsive treatment and recovery services dedicated to helping women through the challenges of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as co-occurring mental health issues. 

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At Set Free Church, they offer many different ministries that include everyone who attends their church. 

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Teen Challenge of Southern California

Teen Challenge of Southern California brings hope and healing to tens of thousands of men and women trapped in drug and alcohol abuse.


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Assessment Training & Research  Associates

ATR Associates provides the highest quality professional services in California specific to the treatment and services of those working with the substance addicted population and mental health concersn. 

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Fresno New Connections (FNC)

Fresno New Connections (FNC) is an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program to regain control over their lives and in the process, to positively impact the lives of their family, neighborhood, place of employment, and the larger society.



Mental Health Systems (MHS) - Fresno IMPACT program

Fresno IMPACT program offers 24-hour assertive community treatment for individuals with a co-occurring diagnosis who have accessed the emergency response system at a higher than average rate.



Link Care

Link Care provides professional, emotional, mental & spiritual care through our team of licensed Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Pastoral Counselors, and Social Workers; ministering to the whole person- mind body, and soul. 



Court Liaison

Centers For Living has a Court Liaison for all of our clients needs.


Young People in Recovery

YPR’s mission is to provide the life skills and peer supports to help people recover from substance use disorder and reach their full potential.

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