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House Manager

Centers For Living House Managers: 

  • The House Manager will reside on the premises and be available for breakfast and evening meal times. Ideally, they will have some group home living experience and experience in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation world. They will be responsible for:
    • They encourage each client to carry out the recommended after-care program as diagnosed by their physician or previous rehabilitation facility to maintain their sobriety.

    • Obtain and maintain all intake and residency documentation

    • Breathalyzing the clients daily and drug testing thru Urine Analysis (UA) every client at least every four days. Immediately notifying Management of any material breaches of the testing of any and every client.

    • Supervise the adherence of house rules by every client with endeavors to resolve breaches, violations, or decisiveness that appears in the house.

    • Preserve cohesiveness, harmony, peacefulness, loyalty, trust, and integrity are all fundamental goals, and the in-house Life Coach will make every effort to keep this environment for our clients. 

    • Control of the house cook and monitoring of client nutritional diets, fitness progress, and more.

    • Manage all housekeeping and maintenance matters for the house

    • Provide a safe, sanitary, resourceful, and friendly living environment,

    • Immediate conflict resolution within the house (a stitch in time saves nine

    • Case Management by individually meeting with every client as needed in helping to advance their life, working towards an eventual exit and independent living arrangement.

    • House and client quality control ensures that Centers for Living is providing every opportunity for the growth and success of our clients in the most effective, efficient, and caring manner possible.

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