Mission Statement

Centers for Living is committed to providing a premier housing environment for people in transition. People in “Transition” relates to the time following many circumstances - including but not limited to - homelessness, incarceration, significant job loss, the death of a loved one, divorce, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, even as simple as graduating from high school. It is through the extreme care of their essential needs and desires - coupled with showing everyone the dignity they deserve, that we gain their trust. This is the first step in their progress and healing. The underlying principle guiding every facet of our program is in knowing that any transition affects every facet of our lives.  As such, we address and assist with all aspects of living - Sobriety • Spirituality • Employment • Diet • Health • Physical Fitness • Social Skills • Chivalry • Financial Fitness. Further, we believe attaining and maintaining sobriety is the cornerstone and catalyst that truly gives someone the freedom to honestly grow and succeed in these areas of their life and effectively pursue a full, whole and satisfying life in which one discovers the Life’s Purpose. We believe in creating “Purpose” rather than “Punishment” that is the key to lasting change.