• Our client’s first week with us - “...LIVING S.M.A.R.T.E.R.

    • One of our greatest strengths will be the thoroughness of the information obtained about the client and our week long intake process. We will be asking them questions and doing assessments regarding all the following topics: ◆ Activities - Sports & Hobbies history ◆ Charitable & Political history ◆ DMV history ◆ Family tree or Foster Care details ◆ Financial history - Historical Income and Budget history ◆ Health records history (complete health questionnaire) ◆ IQ, aptitude and other skills tests ◆ Legal records ◆ Doctor, Dentists, Eye doctor, and Mental Health assessment ◆ Social background and history ◆ Vocational Questionnaire ◆ Nutritional assessment ◆ Budget established ◆ Time blocking schedule established ◆ Volunteer engagement ◆ Outpatient sobriety assessment ◆ Fitness goals

  • AA groups and Celebrate Recovery meetings with weekly attendance encouraged.

  • Chivalry, Dating, Relationships and Sex

  • Church home/community found - and meet the pastor (optional but strongly encouraged)

  • Communication skills

  • Credit Score understood and improved, with 12 month strategy to maximize

  • Debt reduction in place - Creditors negotiated with payment strategies in place.

  • Divorce and Grief assistance/education

  • Education, GED, College and Trade School

  • Employment and career development.

  • Establish a budget and money management skills for the clients

  • Etiquette, manners and diplomacy

  • Family Law - Educate clients on successfully understanding and appreciating the law

  • Grief support inpatient and on-going

  • Housing secured or provided following Sober Living Environment stay

  • Leadership Skills

  • Legal matters addressed, DMV matters settled, drivers license &, insurance obtained, registration

  • Outside Support system/sponsor establish while residing and for after leaving

  • Parenting and Family Skills

  • Relationships bridged and/or mended and parenting skills established with goals

  • Sober fun introduced and maintained

  • Tax debts negotiated or settled - Offer and compromise to IRS and Franchise Tax Board.

  • Technology Training

  • Time Management

  • Vehicle ownership, purchase assistance, rideshare, and/or FAX training

  • Volunteerism and community involvement

  • Weight loss and fitness goals achieved

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