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Goals and Objectives

  • Our client’s first week with us ... Living S. M. A. R. T. E. R.

    • One of our greatest strengths will be the thoroughness of the information obtained about the client and our week-long intake process. We will be asking them questions and doing assessments regarding all the following topics: ◆ Activities - Sports & Hobbies history ◆ Charitable & Political history ◆ DMV history ◆ Family tree, or Foster Care details ◆ Financial history - Historical Income and Budget accounts ◆ Health records history (complete health questionnaire) ◆ IQ, aptitude and other skills test ◆ Legal records ◆ Doctor, Dentists, Eye doctor, and Mental Health assessment ◆ Social background and history ◆ Vocational Questionnaire ◆ Nutritional assessment ◆ Budget established ◆ Time blocking schedule based ◆ Volunteer engagement ◆ Outpatient sobriety assessment ◆ Fitness goals

  • AA, NA groups and Celebrate Recovery meetings with weekly attendance encouraged.

  • Church home/community found - and meet the pastor (optional but strongly encouraged)

  • Communication skills

  • Credit Score understood and improved, with a 12-month strategy to maximize

  • Debt reduction in place - Creditors negotiated with payment strategies in place.

  • Divorce and Grief assistance/education

  • Education, GED, College, and Trade School

  • Employment and career development.

  • Establish a budget and money management skills for the clients

  • Etiquette, manners, and diplomacy

  • Family Law - Educate clients on successfully understanding and appreciating the law.

  • Grief support inpatient and on-going

  • Housing secured or provided following Sober Living Environment stay

  • Leadership Skills

  • Legal matters addressed, DMV matters settled, driver's license & insurance obtained, registration.

  • Outside Support system/sponsor established while residing and after leaving.

  • Parenting and Family Skills

  • Relationships bridged or amended and parenting skills established with goals.

  • Sober fun was preceded and maintained.

  • Technology Training

  • Time Management

  • Vehicle ownership, purchase assistance, rideshare, and FAX training

  • Volunteerism and community involvement

  • Weight loss and fitness goals 

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